The Band was originally formed in 1946 as the Birmingham Scottish Pipe Band and for a short period known as the City of Birmingham Pipe Band. It became affiliated with the West Midlands Fire Service in 1992.

The Band has performed at military tattoos at the National Indoor Arena, concerts at Symphony Hall (Birmingham) and Rod Stewart concerts at Villa Park and the NEC Arena. It also regularly participates in parades such as St. Patrick’s Day and Remembrance Day. As well as minor contests in England and Scotland, major contests have included the annual World Championships in Glasgow, which attracts around 250 Bands from as many as sixteen countries and 40,000 spectators. The band also successfully competed in Canada in the 70’s and more recently in Belgium.

The West Midlands Fire Service Pipe Band has a proud record of charity fund raising on behalf of its two adopted charities, Cancer Research and the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund.

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Birmingham Scottish Pipe Band City of Birmingham Pipe Band
1947 - 1948 Peter Rankine
1989 - 1991 Pat Cox
1948 - 1954 Cyril Meredith
1991 - 1992 Andy Thomson
1954 - 1960 Jimmy Muir
1960 - 1961 Jimmy Simpson
West Midlands Fire Service Pipe Band
1961 - 1962 Bill Brady
1992 - 1993 Andy Thomson
1962 - 1966 Davie Graham
1993 - 1997 Davie Walkenshawe
1966 - 1973 Bob Forbes
1997 - 1998 Pat Cox
1973 - 1978 Johnny Fitt
1998 - 2006 Keith Walker
1978 - 1983 Roger Swindon
2006 - Present Robert Gardner
1983 - 1984 Hugh Stevenson
1984 - 1986 James Bassett
1986 - 1989 Pat Cox